Research interests

My research specialty is optics, one of the oldest branches of physics. Specifically, I study light’s polarization. Polarization is one of light’s unique qualities (at least, compared to other types of waves). Polarization optics, too, is extremely old, having been a subject of inquiry in western science since at least the 17th century.

However, relatively recent developments in micro- and nano-fabrication have enabled the realization of new optical elements in which the polarization of light can be made to vary spatially, in a highly controllable manner. One such platform, metasurfaces comprised of high index-contrast dielectric elements, are particularly adept at this.

These novel metasurface polarization optics are the subject of my research. This has involved basic optical theory, numerical modeling, and at the most practical level, prototyping and testing polarimeters (devices that measure the polarization of light, often over a photograph) based on metasurface optics. The use of metasurfaces can simplify the optics involved in polarimeters. For an accessible summary, see a recent press release on our work from Harvard SEAS or this YouTube video.

For a complete list of my publications, see Google Scholar.

Other interests

Outside of my research, I enjoy learning about history and geography, cooking, and spending time outside, most of all on my bicycle. Since high school, I have enjoyed seeing the world by riding long distances. I have traveled all over the United States (and some of Canada, too) by bicycle. In 2015, before starting graduate school, I rode my bike from the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia to the Pacific Ocean in Oregon. I hope that this webpage can serve as a home for my personal interests as well.

A view of the Catskill Range, New York.
On the road in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.